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Quiz 17 - Business  Quiz:

1. Who designed the Nike logo ‘Swoosh’ in 1971 and how much was she paid for it?

Caroline Davidson, a college student. She was paid $35 for it.

2. ‘Tony the Tiger’ is the mascot for which product?

Kellog’s Frosties.

3. What is the claim to fame of Miral Durlabhji in the world of Indian Advertising?

He played the Junior Onida Devil

4. “If You don’t have to answer to anyone, what would you do’ is the tag line for what?

Harley Davidson

5. Wrigley’s once distributed one million pieces of this company’s product as handouts for a sales promotion. What product and which company?

Gillette and the Disposable Shaving Razor

6. What is the Quickie P 300?

The brand of wheelchair that Christopher Reeve uses following his accident

7. Invented in the 1920s, by C.L.Briggs, in Missouri, this product contained Lithium salts and was initially called ‘Bib-label Lithiated Lemon Lime Soda’. What?

7 UP

8. Apart from speeds of aircraft, what is the Mach 3?

Gillette’s new razor that contains 3 blades

9. What are ‘Toast in New York’, ‘Mad about Mauve’, ‘Raisin’ rage’?

Shades of Revlon Lipstick

10. ‘Work Less, do more’ is the tag line for what?

Microsoft Office 97

11. Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras and Luciano Pavorotti appear in an ad for an airline. Name the airline and the service advertised.

Japanese Airlines and Executive Class

12. ‘A Cigarette is a perfect type of perfect pleasure’ was BAT’s first punchline. To whom are the above words attributed?

Oscar Wilde

13. Who started Naturence Research Labs?

Manoj Prabhakar

14. In the 1960s girls carried a penny in their shoes lest their dates failed to drop them home. What product got its name from this?

Penny Loafers

15. Which is the official footwear of the Woodstock music festival?

Burkinstock Sandals

16. How do we better know the company J.W.Foster and Co.?


17. Sears Roebuck and Co., the retailing giant started selling products through mail order. What was the first product sold through mail order?

Quartz Watches

18. Launched in 1935 as a chocolate crisp, it was later renamed after an 18th century London Club. Name the product.


19. In the book ‘Around the World in 80 Days’, Phileas Fogg withdraws 20000 Guineas from a bank. Name the bank.

Barings’ Bank

20. What did Timothy Leary brand as LSD of the future?

The Internet

21. Singer Sewing Machines was the first company to introduce a highly innovative marketing tool. What was it?

Buying goods through installment schemes.

22. In the movie ‘Forrest Gump’, Tom Hanks is frequently shown drinking a particular drink. Which one?

Dr. Pepper

23. “Nov 7,1912   July 3,1996  I’ve lost my voice”  What is the significance of this ad?

This was the Air India ad given out after the death of Bobby Kooka. The first date was when Air India was founded as Tata Airlines by J R D Tata. The second date was the death of Booby Kooka.

24. Which famous cricketer endorsed Colman’s Mustard?

W G Grace

25. Who was the Time Man of the Year 1997?

Andy Grove, former Intel CEO

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