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The Question:

John Spilsbury was a Geography teacher in London and lived during the time of the American Revolution. In order to make his students learn Geography better he did something that has become very popular today. What did he do?

The answer:

Maps were used very extensively in teaching those days. He glued a map of England and Wales to a piece of wood. Then using a saw and blade he cut the map into pieces. The students had to put the pieces back together to get the original map. Thus he attempted to increase their involvement in the subject. The blade he used to cut the wood was called a 'jig-saw'. Thus he ended up inventing what we know today as the Jigsaw puzzle.

Results of Gopal's Weekly Quiz - 14:

No of respondents: 1

No. of correct answers: 1

The Respondents:

1. Ameesha
    Her Answer: John Spilsbury introduced maps in the form of jigsaw puzzle. He made the first
    dissected map to facilitate the  the teaching of geography.

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