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This popular pharmaceutical product was invented in 1879 by Joseph Lambert, an American chemist. Following the appreciation of the product by a famous surgeon of those times Lambert persuaded the surgeon to allow the use of his name for the product. Originally used as an antiseptic it is today popularly used worldwide as something else. Which product?

The answer:

Listerine after the British surgeon Dr. Joseph Lister.
(Check Ameesha's answer for more details)

Results of Gopal's Weekly Quiz - 15:

No of respondents: 1

No. of correct answers: 1

The Respondents:

1. Ameesha
    Her Answer: The name of the product is Listerine. Dr.Joseph Lawrence was the inventor of this product.
     He named it after Dr. Joseph Lister,a prominent scientist.Dr.Joseph Lawrence later sold the rights to his
     invention to Jordan Wheat Lambert. Jordan Wheat Lambert formed Lambert Pharmaceutical Company
     which is now known as Warner-Lambert. J.W.Lambert turned Listerine into a popular consumer product.

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