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The Question:

Which word in the English language owes its origins to the erstwhile practice of disgruntled French industrial workers throwing their shoes into the machinery to halt production ?

The answer:

'Sabotage' from the French word 'Sabot' meaning 'wooden shoe'.

Results of Gopal's Weekly Quiz - 41:

No of respondents: 3

No. of correct answers: 2

The Respondents:

1. Deepa Muthukrishnan
     Her Answer: SABOTAGE .
    * SABOTAGE *

"Sabot" is the French word for a wooden shoe, or clog. French industrial
workers, rebelled against the Industrial Revolution by tossing their "sabots"
into the new fangled machinery, bringing production to a halt.

But the story isn't true, and there's no evidence that any "sabots" were ever
tossed. "Sabotage" actually comes from the French verb "saboter," which means to
make a loud clattering with wooden shoes. Metaphorically, the French use
"sabotage" to mean a variety of things -- botching a musical performance, doing
a bad job at anything, or deliberately destroying tools or machinery. This last
meaning was the one carried over into English, where "sabotage" took on the
additional meaning of damage done clandestinely to impair an enemy's ability to

2. Rhys Patrick
    His Answer: The word is "sabotage" from the French "sabot" = shoe

3. Ash Sharma
    His Answer: Strike

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