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Answers of Gopal's Weekly Quiz - 42:

The Question:

Which Indian city gets its name from the local language for 'City of Boiled Beans' ?

The answer:

Bangalore. The  story goes that on a hunting trip King Veeraballala of Vijayanagar lost his way in the jungle and was fed a bowl of boiled beans or 'benda kalu', in Kannada, by an old woman. Later when the Chieftain of Magadi, Kempegowda decided to establish his capital in the very place, he named it 'Bendakalooru' or 'City of Boiled Beans' after the above incident. Bendakalooru became Bengalooru and was later anglicised to Bangalore.

Results of Gopal's Weekly Quiz - 42:

No of respondents: 5

No. of correct answers: 5

The Respondents:

1. Deepa Muthukrishnan
    Her Answer:  Bangalore

2. Ameesha
    His Answer: Bangalore

3. Jyothiprakash
    His Answer: Bangalore

4. Maithri Ramdas
    Her Answer: Bangalore

5. Ashok
    His Answer: Bangalore

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