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The Question:

According to some sources, this place is supposed to have taken its name from the grandson of King Saul and son of Jeremiah, whose descendants came to this place from Israel around 200 AD. This person was supposedly raised by King David and was a member of the court of King Solomon. His descendants later converted to Islam. Who is this person and what place are we talking about?

The answer:

The name of this person is Afghana and he gave his name to Afghanistan. The Royal Family of Afghanistan descended from him. Some other sources add that Varahamihira, the reknowned Indian astronomer who lived around 600 AD refers to this place as Avagana.

Results of Gopal's Weekly Quiz - 86:

No. of respondents: 2

No. of correct answers: 1

The Respondents:

1. Prashanth L. Kamath
His Answer: Jerusalem.

2. Puneet Batta
His Answer: The person is Afghana and the place is Afghanistan.

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