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Welcome to the A.R.Rahman section of my homepage. Needless to say, he is my most favourite composer. He is undoubtedly the most talented and gifted composer of these times and has influenced Indian music in no small way. There are some incredible sites on A.R.Rahman on the net and the most exceptional of them  the one maintained by Satish Subramanian. Filmographies, songs, lyrics, articles, interviews, trivia, even a song search -  he has got them all. This site is a must visit for anyone seeking even the slightest information on A.R.Rahman. I am not going to try and compete with his site, it is futile anyway. Instead I will try and present some things on A.R.Rahman in my own small way.

Contents of the A.R.Rahman Page:
» The Complete Biography of A.R.Rahman
» The Complete Discography of A.R.Rahman

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Sony Music's Vandemataram Page
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The A.R.Rahman Web Ring

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