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Gopal's Homepage
Now in the eighth year of its existence

Hi Friends, Welcome to my Homepage. My name is Gopal Srinivasan. I am a software professional and a resident of Bangalore, India.

My interests are Reading (just about anything-Newspapers, Magazines, Fiction, Non-fiction, Comics), Quizzing, Listening to music (Especially A.R.Rahman, Vangelis, Yanni, Deep Forest, Kenny G, Enigma, Robert Miles, Kitaro, Secret Garden, Enya etc. etc.), Watching Cricket (Sachin Tendulkar is tops), and my hometown Bangalore. If your interests are similar to  mine I am sure this page will arouse your interest. I will shortly add information on all the above subjects in this page. Till then, kindly bear with me.

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Visit these sections of my page:
The Quiz Page (with a weekly quiz)
The Sachin Tendulkar Page
The A.R.Rahman Page
The Bangalore Page

What's new?

» Discography of A.R.Rahman  (Updated on 1-1-2009)

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