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Quiz 11 - Business Quiz:

1. During the late 80s the Times of India group had launched a super premium tea brand which met with a quick death in the market. Name the brand.

Editor’s Choice

2. Which industrialist began his career ass an attendant for Burmah Shell Gas in Aden(Yemen)?

Dhirubhai Ambani

3. If IBM is the Big Blue, Coca Cola the Big Red, what is Big Black?

United Parcel Service

4. Whose first foray into business was the founding of the ‘Laugh-O-gram’ corporation in 1921 which went bankrupt barely two years later?

Walt Disney

5. Which company started as a playing card company in 1889 in Japan and literally means ‘Leave luck to Heaven’?


6. Which product was launched with the adline ‘It helps a school girl to maintain her complexion’?

Palmolive Soap

7. Which brand employs Mercury, the swift messenger of the Gods, a connotation of speed, as its trademark?

Good Year

8. The name of which Japanese company literally means ’50 Bells’?


9. In the mid 80s, the Beatles’ song ‘revolution’ was licensed for a TV commercial, the first time ever that a Beatles’ song had been licensed for advertising purposes. Name the brand


10. Which was the first commercial symbol to be displayed at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum?

The Singapore Girl of Singapore Airlines

11. Derived from the Japanese word for ‘great Prince’, it found its way into English, after foreigners mispronounced it, as something else which came to mean ‘a man of great wealth’. What word?

Tycoon from ‘taikon’

12. Which company has its headquarters in Crewe, Cheshire, CWI, 3pl, England?

Rolls Royce

13. Who once advertised with the slogan ‘Nothing improvises the circulation of a magazine like a dirty picture’?

The Sportstar, the picture in question was the infamous ball tampering incident where Mike Artherton is seen pulling out some sawdust from his pocket and rubbing it on the ball

14. David Whitbread is a little known stage actor and part time model. What is he best known as?

The Onida Devil

15. Which ad agency keeps a bowl of fresh apples in the reception areas of its offices all over the world?

Leo Burnett

16. Which celebrity owns ‘Unsquashable Inc”?

Jahangir Khan

17. Who said ‘I have done more than anyone else to change the face of mankind’?

King Camp Gillette

18. Warner Communications & American Express paid Manhattan Design 1000 dollars to design a logo. What?

MTV logo

19. In the 1880s a person called Richardson sold this ointment in USA. It was named after his son-in-law. What?


20. What is the Roman word for ‘To roll over’?

Conglomerate (Latin for Roll over is Volvo)

21. Which brand had the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra play at its Indian Launch?


22. Which media baron was born Jan Ludwik Hoch and died under mysterious circumstances abroad his yacht ‘Lady Ghislaine’?

Robert Maxwell

23. Who recently launched a website ‘India 2002’?

Harshad Mehta

24. Which computer company recently taken over by Samsung, was founded in 1980 and derives its name from the combination of first letters of first names of the founders?

AST, from Albert Wong, Safi Qureshi and Tom Yuen

25. Who heads a Delhi based beauty company called ‘Naturence Research Labs’?

Manoj Prabhakar

26. Who actually built a bridge in Sri Lanka for the film ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’?

Larsen and  Toubro

27. What US Presidential election campaign slogan was lifted in an Indian softdrink jingle to claim that a coke replacement had arrived?

 ‘Happy days are here again’ by Thums Up

28. This brand of alcohol advertised abroad with the line ‘I thought the Kamasutra was an Indian restaurant until I discovered ________. Their ads also cautioned ‘Remember whatever happens do not over do it’.


29. This brand manufactured by Kazuo Tazima gets its name from three words – Machine, Instrument, Optical. Which brand?


30. Which company gets its name from a fruit which used to be exported to England from a  Moroccan port?


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