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Quiz 12 - Business Quiz:

1. What is common to French Kiss, British Stiff Upper Lip and Italian Romance?

Royal Toothbrush

2. This machine was invented in 1879 by an American Café owner who was inspired by a ship’s revolution counter to make it. Invented by James Ritty he called it the ‘Thief catcher’. What?

The Cash Register

3. What is Scottish slang for a ‘furry looking Salmon fishing fly’?

Black Dog

4. Who about what – It took 7882 different jobs to complete one unit. He noted that of these 7882 specialised jobs, 749 required ‘strong able bodied and physically perfect men, 3338 need men of merely ordinary physical strength, most of the rest could be performed by women and older children’. And he continued coolly ‘ we found that 670 could be filled by legless men, 2637 by one legged men, two by armless men, 715 by one armed men and 10 by blind men’.

Henry Ford on the Model – T

5. In 1694, William Patterson founded this institution which sold government bonds, issued Government backed currency and later began to regulate the lending practices of banks. It eventually took control of the money supply. What?

The Bank of England

6. Who was the warden of the British Mint in the late 17th century and was responsible for the revolutionary recoinage which put an end to counterfeiting in England?

Isaac Newton

7. A famous landmark marking this place is a statue of George Washington which stands at the spot where he stood to take oath as President. Which place?

Wall Street

8. Which clothing company launched a product not related to its core business with the adline ‘______’s smallest garment is a condom’?


9. Which industrial city on Honshu Island, Japan gave its name to a brand of automobiles?


10. Which is the official advertising agency of the Indian Government?

DAVP Directorate of Audio Visual Publicity

11. What was originally started by Maharaja Digvijay Singh of Jamnagar, Gujarat?


12. How de we get the name TITAN?

Tata Industries and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation, the two partners

13. All multinationals now ensure that any shampoo launched in the market is available in sachet form too. But which was the first company that launched shampoos in sachets?


14. What is a ‘Rugmark’?

A certification on Indian made carpets that no child labour was involved in its making

15. What item of packaging has become developed by Chapman Root of Root Glass Company has become synonymous with a brand since then?

The Coca Cola Bottle

16. Who began his modelling career with an ad for Century soap?

Sunil Gavaskar

17. Who was the only person to feature in ads of both rival cola Thums Up and Pepsi?

Kapil Dev

18. Which was the first product to be advertised on Doordarshan, on January 1st 1976?

Gwalior Suitings

19. Which magazine launched in Delhi and Bombay exclusively for Taxi Cabs calls itself a ‘cabzine’?

Yellow Top

20. What building owned by Prudential Assurance Company was put up for sale in 1991?

The Empire State Building

21. Which brand derives its name from the Danish word for ‘Play Well’?


22. What did Walt Disney ban his employees, by contract from having?


23. Which Indian car in its country of origin, Italy, was known as Millicento?

Premier Padmini

24. Tony the Tiger and Cornelius the Rooster are mascots of which brand?


25. Which English phrase first originated from a Lifebuoy ad?

Body Odour

26. Which brand of camera was taken on the first mission to the moon and left there?


27. Which company was once known as the Bachraj trading Company?


28. Who designed the Volkswagen Beetle?

Ferdinand Porsche

29. What is Stephen Fry famous for?

He invented Post-It

30. Who are DINKS?

Couples with Double Income No KidS

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