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Quiz 14 - Sachin Tendulkar  Quiz:

1.Sachin Tendulkar's father-in-law Anand Mehta is a national champion in which sport?

A: Bridge

2.How does Sachin get the name Sachin?

A: He was given the name by his brother Ajit because his(Ajit's) favourite composer was Sachin Dev (S D) Burman.

3.This year SRT broke his own world record of scoring max runs in ODIs in a calendar year. How much did he score?

A: 1894

4.SRT has endorsed three brands of shoes. The well-known ones are Adidas and Action. Which is the third?

A: Power

5.In which tournament did SRT put up a world record score of 664 with Vinod Kambli?

A: HArris Shield

6.On his ODI debut he scored 0, how much did he score on his test debut?

A: 15

7.In the early 1990s SRT was frequently but incorrectly linked with a Bollywood starlet several times in the gossip mags. Who was she?

A: Shilpa Shirodkar

8.SRT and Azhar appeared together in an ad for which product(excluding Pepsi where they appeared along with Kambli)?

A: Luna

9.When he opened the innings for the first time in ODIs in New Zealand, Who opened with him?

A: Vinod Kambli

10.In the Mohinder Amarnath benefit ODI against S.A. in Bombay, SRT is supposed to have played this stroke the only time in his career according to Gavaskar. Which stroke?

A: The reverse sweep

11.SRT was the first batsman to given out by a third umpire when he was run out . Who was the non-striker?

A: Ravi Shastri

12.SRT admits to having just one superstition. What?

A: That he always wears his left pad first.

13. Name SRTís daughter.

A: Sara

14. SRT and Imran Khan have a non-cricketing connection in that their mothers-in-law both have the same name. What?

A: Annabel. Both Jemima Godsmith and Anjali Mehtaís mothers are named Annabel.

15. Against which country did SRT debut as opener in ODIs?

A: New Zealand, at Auckland in 91-92.

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