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Quiz 18 - Infotech  Quiz:

The questions for this quiz were set by Movin Miranda

1.The first product made by this company was a car record player. They gave themselves a name similar to the name of the market leader in record players in those days. Today, this company has a worldwide presence and is known as a premier communications company.  Name the company?


2. Mitchell Kapor, a Bostonian, is a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and a Buddhist. In 1988, he started a foundation for electronic free speech. But he is the founder of a well-know company. Which one?

3. An American inventor Herman Hollerith devised an electromechanical
counting machine that used punched cards to tabulate the results of the 1890 United States census. The firm that grew out of this business eventually became which familiar company?

IBM (international Business Machines)
4. Nolan Bushnell launched the video game industry with the founding of a      company that took its name from the Japanese game of "Go" where the
word is  used to warn an opponent that he is in danger of losing. Name the Company?

5. In the Internet lingo, if someone advised you to 'RTFM', what is he telling you to do?

Read the F***ing Manual
6. What is a three-finger exercise?

Pressing Ctrl+Alt+del on the Keyboard (cold reboot)
 7. Why did Intel call the successor to the 486 Processor series "Pentium", instead of using a combination of digits as they had always done?

Because Numbers cannot be trademarked.
 8. He shares his first name with a character in "Peanuts" and he is known
 as the person who wrote Linux. Who?

Linus Torvalds
9. If you find yourself in an Infinite Loop in the Bay area, where would you be?

Apple’s HQ
10.What is the section of Yahoo that is dedicated to kids called?

 11.What are "Bells & Whistles"?

Features in a software that are of cosmetic value only.
12.A program that automatically sends a default reply to the senders  of
incoming email messages is called?

Auto Responders or Vacation Responders
13.Which Bangalorean started the free e-mail service "Hotmail"?

Sabeer Bhatia

 14.It is the name of a very famous river in South America. However,
 Amazon is also known in the wired world for what?

The largest bookstore in the Universe
15.What is electronic money known as in common internet parlance?

16.It is not something that you'd like to eat even if you were stranded  in  an island with adequate supplies of it. However, which unpopular food  item is also the term used to describe unwanted mail sent to a mass of e-mail addresses to advertise products or services?

17.What is DPI in computer printing terminology?

Dots per inch
18.What is the term for a small, book-sized computer with a screen that allows you to read the digitized text of a book complete with a touch-sensitive screen and stylus that let you highlight, annotate, or bookmark the book?

An e-book.
19.Before the World Wide Web, what was the system for finding and displaying document files stored on the Internet. It was named for the mascot of the college where it was developed, the University of Minnesota?

20. Which company started in  a garage in Palo Alto received its first  order   from Disney, the making the film Fantasia, for Oscillators?

Hewlett Packard

21.What do we call software that has become so loaded with features that it      practically takes up all of a computer's hard disk and requires much too much of its RAM to run?

 22.Who is called the father of computing for his contribution to the basic    design of the Computer through what he called the analytical engine?

Charles Babbage
23.DVD, the new technology that looks like a CD-ROM but holds over 4.7 Gb     of data (can hold a full length movie) stands for?

Digital Versatile Disc
24.Who is a 404? (clue : The Internet)

A clueless person, from the www error message "404 not found"

25.Which word, meaning both "an opportunistic Computer hacker" and science
Fiction dealing with future urban societies dominated by computers" was  coined by writer Bruce Bethke?

 26.What is a program that is disguised as useful software but which actually crashes your hard-disk called?

Trojan Horse
27.What is Spanish for a "tall pole"?(clue : ask the Document Company)

Palo Alto
28.In the field of Computers, the statement "the power of a microprocessor doubles every 18 months...." is better known as?

Moore’s Law
29.Name the first Indian product to be put up (earlier this week) on Microsoft's Site Builder Network site? Hint - it is a customised customer  e-mail manager

Bangalore-based Aditi Technologies’ Talisma.
30.What was Project Memphis?

Code name for the development of Windows 98. Project Chicago was Windows 95.

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