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Quiz 4 - Environment Quiz:

1) US banned her entry calling her ‘a communist good’. She was kept in On her journey to the USA from China she got into trouble when the London for time’s sake and became a major attraction there. Who?

Chi-Chi the Panda, who became the mascot of the WWF

2)  The comic character Yogi Bear lives in a national park that takes its   name from the world’s first national park. Name both.

Jellystone and Yellowstone

3)  The byline of which company, rather ironically went ‘What we do will touch your lives in some way everyday’?

Union Carbide Limited (Bhopal Gas Tragedy)

4)  Cubatao, in Brazil has certain epithet because it is the world’s most polluted place. What epithet?

The Valley of Death

5)  Which popular brand takes its name from a particular species of deer native to South Africa?


6)  Which metal was responsible for the fatal brain disease that affected people eating fish caught from the Minamata Bay off the Japanese island of Kyushu?


7)  What is the claim to fame of a body called the Dasohli Gram Swarajya Mandali?

Pioneered the Chipko movement

8)  A certain kind of bird called Storm Petrels are named after St. Peter. Why?

Because they can walk on water

9)  The largest flower in the world is named after the person who forced Lord Minto to occupy Java and was at one time the keeper of the London Zoo. We know him best for a city that he founded. Name him and the flower?

Sir Stamford Thomas Raffles and the Rafflesia arnoldi

10)  In which book would you find the lines ‘All animals are equal but  some animals are more equal’.

George Orwell’s ‘Animal farm’

11)  The Indian television series ‘Living on the edge’ was the first in Asia to win the prestigious Panda Award. By what popular name is this award known?

The Green Oscar

12)  Which animal is mentioned as the teacher of Yudhishthira in the Mahabharatha?

The Mongoose

13)  Which comic character cannot stand trees being cut down?

Dogmatix of Asterix

14)  Which Banking and Finance corporate major recently tied up with the WWF to issue special WWF branded credit cards wherein the company would donate a certain amount of money on the customer’s behalf to  WWF everytime he used the card?


15)  A few years ago a certain insect called the Mexican Beetle was imported into Bangalore in large numbers. Why?

To eradicate the weed Parthenium

16)  India’s premier environmental magazine is edited by activist Bittu Sahgal. Name it.


17)  Who said ‘A nation’s wealth, its real wealth can be gauged by its tree  cover ‘?

Richard St. Barbe Baker, ‘The Man of Trees’

18)  Who is the patron saint of ecology?

St. Francis

19)  Of which media powerhouse is the Discovery Channel a division?


20)  Who authored a bestseller ‘Overload’ which is concerned with a fight between environmentalists and an engineer over the building of a  thermal power station?

Arthur Hailey

21)  This American industrialist donated about 1/5th of his property to WWF in return for which the WWF gives an annual Wildlife Conservation Prize to individuals and organisations for distinguished service to the cause of conservation, in his name. Who?

J. Paul Getty

22)  Which ancient Indian text contains rules and regulations on how to run a protected forest or a ‘abhayaranya’?

Kautilya’s Arthashastra

23)  The oldest of the species is supposedly more than 600 years old and is found in Kerala’s Perambikulam game sanctuary. Now it is a primary component for reforestation and its bark and flowers are used as medicine for Bronchitis. Its name originated in Malayalam and entered Portuguese to mean ‘carpenter’. Which tree?

The Teak

24)  This tree was supposedly brought to India from Sri Lanka by Hanuman when he was carrying messages from Sita. He felt so delighted by it that he threw the seeds on what is presently Maharashtra. Which tree?

The Mango

26)  What is the area adjoining the Kuntipuzha river in Kerala called?

The Silent Valley

27)  Which comic achieved the distinction of being the first to be printed on recycled paper as early as the mid 80s?

Archie Comics

28)  Petra Kelly founded a political party in Germany whose agenda is conservation. Name the party.

The Greens Party

29)  Who was the star of a film “Grime goes green’ along with John Cleese?

Prince Charles

30)  The first environmentally conscious community are found in Rajasthan and get their name from the fact that the follow 29 commandments?

The Bishnois

31)  If you were a Gargencian  with whom would you mate?

The Amazon tribe

32)  Carl Sagan headed a research team called TTAPS which introduced a  phrase into the English language. What phrase?

Nuclear Winter

33)  In an irony of war in the Gulf, a US owned tanker flying a Pan American flag carrying Iranian oil struck a mine off Fujirah port in UAE and caused an oil slick, the first in the Indian Ocean. Name the ship.

Texaco Carribean

34)  In 1992, At the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro two countries, rather incongruously  announced they would resume whale hunting. Name them.

Iceland and Norway

35)  What was E.P.Gee referring to in his book ‘Wildlife of India’ when he wrote ‘ There are floating islands in Burma, Kashmir and North America that I have heard of. But I think ________ is the only floating wildlife sanctuary in the world. Fill in the blank.

Keibul Lamjao floating sanctuary in Manipur

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