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Quiz 7 - General Quiz:

1)  He calls his dog Chewbacca Khan. He won the Sword of Honour in the 12th std. At St.  Columbus, Delhi. He made his debut on television as a soldier. Who?

Shahrukh Khan

2)  In restaurants today, the computerised bill is heavily in use. The items are often abbreviated. If you found MS Dos written on your bill what would you have eaten?

Masala Dosa

3)  Created by Tnoshiro Honda and Eiji Tsukusuya it was named after a workman at Toho studios in Tokyo. Radioactive and 164 foot high, it breathes fire and made its way to the cover of TIME and Newsweek in the 60s. What?


4)  If you went to Ooty and asked for a "Filmi Chakkar" what would you get?

A tour of the locations where movies are shot in Ooty

5)  This man's first direct contribution to the test field was a leg-break over where he gave nine runs. The place was Port of Spain in 1971. Who?

Sunil Gavaskar

6)  Connect: Mortisia, Gomez, Pugsby, Wednesday, Uncle Fester and It.

7)  Which vehicle has the registration no. NCC 1701?

Star Trek Enterprise

8)  It is called the Hoysala in Bangalore. What is it in Mysore?


9)  What is the duck that appears on Channel 9's cricket scorecards called?


10)  What would you find at 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue?

The White House

11)  Who is the daughter of Fred and Wilma Flintstone?


12)  It made its first appearance in the New York Times supplement in 1913. What?

The Crossword

13)  He is the son of accomplished choreographer Sundaram Master. He made his first on screen appearanceas an extra in a song in the movie 'Agni Nakshatram'. Who?


14)  What does the 31 in Baskin Robbins 31 signify?

That it is available in 31 favours

15)  His residence is called "Neverland Ranch'. His autobiography is titled Moonwalk. Who?

Michael JAckson

16)  What is common to Rajnikanth, Johnny Walker, John Major?

All were bus conductors at some point of time

17)  In the Bofors case who was nicknamed 'Lotus'?

Rajiv Gandhi

18)  His heir apparent Baby was killed a year ago. His brother Arjunan and his two associates Ayyandorai and Karanangalur Ramaswamy committed suicide. Who?


19)  Which brand's new adline is 'I Can'?


20)  Which cricketer is nicknamed 'Jammy' because his father used to work in Kissan?

Rahul Dravid

21)  His middle name is Fauntleroy. His father's name is Quackmore. Who?

Donald Duck

22)  He made his debut as a stunt double for Bruce Lee because Lee refused to jump from 30 feet for a sequence. Who?

JAckie Chan

23)  Who is the only real life character to appear in Tintin comics?

Al Capone

24)  Who was the target of the Jackal in the 'Day of the Jackal'?

Charles De GAulle

25)  One of the two main components of the dowry given by Catherine Braganza to Charles I was the Moroccan city of Tangiers. What was the other?


26)  What is the screen name of Al Pacino in the movie 'The Devil's Advocate'?

27)  Abandoned in front of a cathedral, he was brought up by a priest. His name in Latin means 'half formed'. He became the church bell ringer by the age of 14 and lost his hearing as a result. He was dubbed the'Pope of Fools'. Who?

Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame

28)  Which animal gets its name, from Tamil, because it supposedly has the strength to kill an elephant?


29)  What does the NE in the Premier 118 NE stand for?

Nissan Engine

30)  Under what category does the Guinness Book of Records enter itself?

As the most stolen book from Libraries

31)  The book 'A Christmas Carol' gave two words to English language. One was Scrooge. What was the other?

32)  This linguist knows 13 languages. He recently released a semi-autobiography titled 'The Insider'. Who?

P.V. Narasimha Rao

33)  The video of which recent chartbuster is based on Indiana Jones?

Aqua's Dr. Jones

34)  Who represents the constituency of Gurdaspur in the current Lok Sabha?

Vinod Khanna

35)  His father was the dreaded dacoit Bhairav Singh. He is the founder chief of the Citizens Security Force. Who?


36)  Who would you find with Raveena Tandon on the cover of the latest issue(Aug 98) of Filmfare?

Ricky MArtin

37)  Which popular comic character made his first appearance in Pep Comics No. 22 in Dec 1941?


38)  What did the Romanian Govt. ban in 1935 saying that it frightened children?

Mickey Mouse

39)  Who wrote romantic novels under the pen name Mary Clarissa Westmacott?

Agatha Christie

40)  What was the football world cup trophy called before it was renamed the FIFA trophy?

Jules Rimet Cup

41)  If you were 'oscitating' what would you be doing?

Walking backwards

42)  Who, at a Nobel awards banquet, wished that the dinner could have been packed and carried to the more needy back home?

Mother TEresa

43)  India is developing an ICBM called Surya and also an underwater missile. What is it called?


44)  Who is the host of a new Star Plus chat show called "Not a nice man to know" which is also the title ofhis autobiography?

Kushwant Singh

45)  In Hindu myth it is referred to as the Pralaya, in Christianity as Armageddon. What is it referred to as in Islam?


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