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The Question:

How does the popular brand of shoes, ADIDAS get its name?

The answer:

ADIDAS was founded by a German named Adolf Dassler, whose nickname was Adi. ADIDAS comes from his nickname Adi and his surname Dassler. His brother Rudolph Dassler who initially worked with him later parted ways to start another popular shoe brand Puma.

Results of Gopal's Weekly Quiz - 1:

No of Respondents: 1

No. of correct answers: 0

The Respondents:

1.  Name: Utkarsh Kiran Nadkarni
     His Answer:
     Actually "Adidas" is a shoe company based in West Bengal.  It got its name from its founder- a
      bengali babe called ADIti DAS. Hence the name adi-das.

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