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The Question:

 Ludolph Von Ceulen's last wish was to have something engraved on his tombstone and the wish was fulfilled. What did he want engraved and why?

The Answer:

He discovered the value of Pi and the value of Pi upto the first 35 decimal places were inscribed on his tombstone.

Results of Gopal's Weekly Quiz - 100:

No. of respondents: 9

No. of correct answers: 8

The Respondents:
1. Rashmi
Her Answer: His wish was to have the value of "pi" to the 35th decimal place to be engraved on his tombstone. B'cos he had calculated the value of "pi" 
(circumference/diameter ratio of a circle, originally called Ludolphine) to the 35th decimal place.

2. Puneet Batta
His Answer: pi to 35 decimal places.

3. Balaji Venkateswaran
His Answer: His number "P" (later called Ludolph's number) was engraved in his tombstone.It was engraved because he determined it.

4. Nandakumar
His Answer: Why wait

5. Chandan Kumar
His Answer: calculation of pi to 35 places

6. Koundinya B. Srinivasarao
His Answer: 35 decimal places of pi since he was the first to calculate pi to the 
35th decimal place. (and I think the name is Ludolph van Ceulen)

7. Neil
His Answer: a circle. something to do with the calculation of pi.

8. Adarsh Mishra
His Answer: it was ludolph's number!! the value of pi up to 35 decimal places.this was so becs it was his single passion in life!

9. Neelakantan E.
His Answer: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288 ....funda this is known as ludolph's number....he calculated the value of 1/4 for 35 decimals....

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