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Answers of Gopal's Weekly Quiz - 21:

The Question:

What honour did the Roman Emperor Tiberius supposedly decline by saying "What will you do when there are 13 Emperors?"

The answer:

He declined to have the month November named after him thus stopping the unhealthy trend started by Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar.

Results of Gopal's Weekly Quiz - 21:

No of respondents: 3

No. of correct answers: 3

The Respondents:

1. B. Sreeram
   His Answer: The obvious guess is that the Roman senate offered to rename a month in his
    honour, perhaps September.

2. Jyothiprakash
    His Answer: Somebody suggested that the twelve months would be named after 12
     roman emperors

3. Vinay Vashisht
    His Answer: Having a month named after him??(a'la Julius and Augustus)

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