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The Question:

On 17 December 1540, Westminster Abbey was raised to the status of a Cathedral. Ten years later it was brought back into the Diocese of London. Many of its lands were sold to pay for the repairs of St.Paul's Cathedral. What expression entered the English language from this?

The answer:

"Robbing Peter to pay Paul" is the expression.

Results of Gopal's Weekly Quiz - 22:

No of respondents: 4

No. of correct answers: 2

The Respondents:

1. Alok G. Singh
    His Answer: Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

2. Vinay Vashist
    His Answer: maybe -'robbing peter to pay paul' ??

3. Jyothiprakash
    His Answer: Back to square one

4. Shubham Majumder
    His Answer: Is it "climbdown"

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