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As per his wishes, Mahatma Gandhi was given no special treatment even after his death. But there was something different about the train from Delhi to Allahabad that carried his ashes, to be immersed in the Holy Sangam at Prayag. How was it different?

The answer:

Mahatma Gandhi, throughout his life stayed away from luxury. Whenever he travelled by train he always travelled by the third class. Acceding to his request for no special treatment, even his ashes were carried on a scheduled train from Delhi to Allahabad and no special train was arranged. But as a mark of respect to the great man, all luxury class coaches were removed from that train on that particular journey and instead only third class coaches were used.

Results of Gopal's Weekly Quiz - 3:

No of Respondents: 1

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The Respondents:

1.  Name: Ameesha
    Her Answer:
    Before going to Prayag, the train carrying the ashes  went nationwide so that people could pay homage.

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