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The Question:

This person was the owner of a livery stable in 17th century England. He loved his horses and made a great fetish of seeing to it that each horse was hired out in turn. A customer who did not happen to care for the animal that was offered to him was forced to accept it or do without his ride for the day. What was the stable owner's name and what phrase did he contribute to the English language?

The answer:

The person's name was Hobson and the phrase 'Hobson's choice'.

Results of Gopal's Weekly Quiz - 7:

No of Respondents: 2

No. of correct answers: 2

The Respondents:

1. Shivakumar B.K.
    His Answer: Hobson's choice

2. Vilas Vishwanathan
    His Answer: Hobson was the guys name. Hence, Hobson's Choice is the word.


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