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The Question:

The French name for which popular comic character is Tournesol?

The Answer:

Professor Cuthbert Calculus of Tintin.

Results of Gopal's Weekly Quiz - 93:

No. of respondents: 6

No. of correct answers: 6

The Respondents:
1. Srinanda
    His Answer: cuthbert calculus.

2. Jyothiprakash
    His Answer: Cuthbert Calculus.

3. Amit R M
    His Answer: Cuthbert Calculus, of Tintin comics.

4. Sandeep Krishna
    His Answer: Professor Calculus in Tintin comics.

5. Puneet Batta
    His Answer: Prof Calculus in Tintin.

6. Lahar Appaiah
    His Answer: Cuthbert Calculus, Professor, Inventor, and Intrepid(albeit unwilling) Traveler.

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