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The Question:

Lala Hardayal, a noted freedom fighter, was one of the founders of the Gadar Party in 1913. In his days at Lahore University, he was the student leader, and once, on being refused membership to the YMCA he formed a rival youth association. He invited his Professor of English Literature, who was also an acclaimed poet, to inaugurate the club. The Professor, who was given only a few hours notice composed a poem instead of writing a speech for the inauguration. Who was the Professor and what was the poem?

The Answer:

The Professor was Mohammed Iqbal and the poem was 'Saare Jahan Se Achcha'.

Results of Gopal's Weekly Quiz - 94:

No. of respondents: 2

No. of correct answers: 2

The Respondents:
1. Sovan Kumar Sahu
   His Answer: muhammad Iqbal and the song was "sare jahan se accha"

2. Chandan Kumar
   His Answer: mohammed iqbal. sare jahan se acchha

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